February 23, 2018

Syncope Management in the Dental Clinic of Mohnish Mohan Mukkar

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Have you ever heard of medical emergency in any of the dental clinic in India? However, it is very common in General medicine but it is unexpected event in dental offices. Any of the dentists may have to face medical emergency during the period of their treatment. Mohnish Mohan Mukkar as the dental specialist has the ability and knowledge for identifying and managing the life threating situation. The ultimate goal as the best dental clinic in Delhi is to manage all kind s of emergencies during the treatment of patients.

Here, medical emergency means the condition which immediately requires attention along with successful management. The Oral health professionals along with qualified staff at Mohnish Mukkar are acquainted with necessary knowledge and skills in order to manage all the medical emergencies as and when they occur. The ability of early recognition of symptoms in addition to signs of all the emergency events helps the Mohan Mukkar to save the patient’s life.

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Syncope is the commonly seen emergency seen in most of the dental clinics. It is referred as loss of consciousness suddenly due the decreased supply of blood to brain. This condition occurs often due to the reason of anxiety. This condition of syncope is presented by dizziness which is accompanied by slow pulse rate, loss consciousness, vomiting, nausea, and feeling of light headed and sweating. In this condition, it is not necessary that vomiting occurs.

Mohnish Mohan helps the patients in understand that why they should not feel any fear during the treatment as fear may cause anxiety which may lead to complications during the treatment. The doctors at Mohan Mukkar will set the meeting with patients before they start their dental treatment so that they can control their fear as well as anxiety. It will eliminate the fear of patient and patient can have treatment without experiencing any fear.

The Mohnish Mohan Mukkar as the best dental clinic in Delhi has identified predisposing factors related to syncope and these can be divided into psychogenic and non-psychogenic factors.

Psychogenic factors of predisposing factors for syncope are as follows:

• Fright
• Anxiety
• Sudden and unanticipated pain because of injection during treatment
• Stress
• sight of blood

Non-psychogenic factors of predisposing factors for syncope are as follows:

• Hot, humid environments
• Poor physical condition
• Exhaustion
• Sitting in an upright position
• Hunger from dieting
• Missed meals which results in low glucose level in blood and brain.

The dental specialists at Mohan Mukkar look for the following symptoms to get ready for any medical emergency:

• Perspires heavily
• Expresses feeling warm
• Exhibits loss of colour with an ashen-gray skin tone
• Slow heart rate
• Reports feeling nauseous
• Loss of consciousness
• Cold extremities
• Hypotension
• Dizziness
• Visual disturbances
• Pupillary dilation
• lower blood pressure
• high heart rate
• Hyperpnea
• Yawning

The doctors at Mohan Mohan Mukkar will take all the preventive measures on the appearance of any of the symptoms mentioned above such as treatment for maintaining the glucose level in the body, sedation and much more and it will not be same in every case.

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Mohnish Mohan Mukkar

Mohnish Mohan Mukkar is offering his best practices in dental treatment. We are not offering any ordinary kind of Dental Practices. We believe in providing a different and unique experience as well as all range of dental care under the one roof.

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